Yield Improvers

Yield Improvers
It can be bewildering sometimes to know which ingredient or combination of ingredients should be used to give maximum yield in a meat system without compromising eating quality.

We take the worry out for you by offering a range of individual componants and synergistic blends, which together with experienced expert advise on how to use them, will help you achieve the yield that you want.

'DF Range' - high yield hydrocolloid blends (+/- phosphates) for any cooked meat system.

'SR' Range - these products are designed to mimic the functional benefits of Soya Isolate in processed foods at a more attractive price. They will bind water and fat, and give a firm sliceable product.

Rusk - unlike normal breadcrumb, this yeastless product exhibits good water binding and stability, as well as good mouthfeel. Used in English Breakfast sausage ( medium grade) and in Burgers and Chopped Cooked Meats (fine grade).