Marinades and Dustings

Marinades and Dustings
The term 'Marinade' is used commonly nowadays to refer to wet or dry system (dusting/ glaze) that imparts a flavour to the surface and/or to the core of the substrate. Either way they are great for adding new dimensions of taste and enjoyment to cuts of meats and vegetables.

We can supply you with the following products in any flavour profile that you specify:
  • Dry dusting/glaze - highly visual with matt or gloss sheen finish.
  • Non Drip dusting - little or no drip losses on fresh meats during shelf life. Matt finish.
  • Wet marinade - for easy application, and more authentic flavour.
  • Last Minute Marinade - combining the latest technology and innovation to give you:
    • High flavour impact
    • Low burning
    • Retains the juiciness of the substrate without the use of phosphates (very significant results against untreated meat)
    • Needs no 'marinading' time.
    • Easy to apply -just brush or tumble on.
    • Can be cooked in a hot frying pan without oil.
    • Also excellent on barbeques, griddles, and 'clam shell' grills/'health' grills.
    • Great results on vegetables (particularly Mushrooms), Fish and Shrimp, and all cuts of meat.
    • Perfect for Fast Food and culinary outlets