Seasonings and spice blends

Seasonings and spice blends
Transforms any type of substrate. These can simply be supplied as high impact seasonings or, by using our expertise, we can add functional components relevant to the specific requirements of your product.

Flavour profiles can be tailored to suit your regional tastes. Natural spices and herbs can be blended with extracts and flavours to give maximum impact, consistency and value.

Blends can also be adapted to suit your process, such as soluble/ dispersible mixes for brine injection.

It's your choice! Challenge our ability to give you the taste you want...!

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Meat Based Vegetable Processing
Fish Application Cullinary

Seasonings for meat
Meat based
Raw and Cooked Sausage
All types of Russian, Continental and English Breakfast Sausage, European Cold Cuts, and Middle Eastern Cooked Sausage Seasonings.

Speciality Meats and dried / semi dried meats
Salami / Pastrami / Chorizo / etc.

Seasonings for all types, grades and flavours paté.

Processed meats
Complete mixes for Burgers, Stuffings, Chicken nuggets, Kibe etc.

'Novel' products
Try something different like 'Hot Chilli Dog', 'Lemon Pepper Chicken Slice', 'Harissa sausage', 'Pizza Chicken Bites', Jalepeno Chicken Nugget.

Seasoned Coaters
Highly visual herb and spice blends for external use on cooked and raw meat products.

Seasonings for vegetable products
Vegetable Processing
Seasonings for Vegetable Burgers, Nuggets, Kebabs, Samosa, Spring Rolls etc.

Seasonings for fish
Fish applications
To compliment and enhance the natural flavour we can offer 'White Fish Booster Mix', 'Butter and Herb Fishcake Mix', or 'Oak Smoked Fish Seasoning' for example.

To contrast and characterize try Tandoori Shrimp, Cajun Prawn, Roasted Garlic, Lemon & Herb Seasoning or Thai Fishcake Seasoning.

Culinary seasonings
Cullinary Curry In A Hurry
We offer seasonings for ready meals such as Tandoori Tikka, Fajita, Chilli, Green Thai, Chicken Biryani. Spice blends for Ravioli., Pelmeni, and other filled Pasta.

Marinades are also available to pre-flavour any meats used in the dish and dry-mix sauces such as Béchamel and Hollandaise to complete the dish.

Snack seasonings
For Snacks produced using any substrate, from traditional potato crisps to extruded snacks, we can supply you with seasonings to excite your customers.

Try the classics such as Cheese and Onion, Paprika, Cheese and Chive, Grilled beef and Creamy Peppercorn, Mature cheddar and shallot or try the more exotic flavours such as Red Thai, Spicy Mexican, Chinese rib, Tikka masala, or better still, give us your ideas!

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